2018 Bookish Academy Awards

Hi, long time no see.. I really fell off the wagon when it came to blogging in the second half of the year. I kept meaning to type up some blog posts for you guys but never got around to it. Then towards the end of the year my routine changed a lot because my boyfriend broke his hand and was off work for 3 months so everything with my typical routine and day to day life was different so I just sort of let the blog slip to the wayside. BUT it’s a new year and I want to be better at posting here, I enjoy writing up blog posts and I love talking to you guys so one of my goals is to be better with my blog! I don’t know what that means in terms of how often I will post, right now my aim is just a minimum of once per week, anything more will be a bonus and I’ll reevaluate in a couple months and see how it’s going! Anyways, enough chit chat, lets get down to business. Today I’m going to do the Bookish Academy Awards tag, which is a super fun post that allows me to look back at my 2018 reading year and pick some favourites for certain categories you typically see in the Academy Awards. This tag was originally created by Kayla over at BOOKadoodles and I can’t wait to get started!

Best Actor(Best Male Protagonist)

Royce & Hadrian (Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan)

theft of swords

I know that this was technically supposed to be ONE male protagonist but these two go hand in hand. Besides, they’re both equally the main characters of the story, so how am I supposed to pick one?! These two might be my favourite male protagonists ever, I love their friendship and their banter between one another. I love how sarcastic and dry their humor is and I love all their snide comments to other characters. These two characters balance themselves so well and I can’t imagine a better duo to helm a series.

Best Actress(Best Female Protagonist)

Elizabeth(The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker)

the witch hunterI actually had quite a hard time figuring out which female protagonist to give this award to. I read so many books that had female leads and while I enjoyed all of them, a lot of them were quite flawed or had issues where I felt weird giving them the “best” title. While Elizbeth is flawed, she’s also incredibly strong and is willing to change her views and objectively think things through which is why she ultimately won. She is completely willing to listen to other peoples viewpoints and she understands why her views might not be the only ones and that some of her views may infact be wrong. For that she deserves all the praise—actually, this book in general just deserves all the praise, it was fantastic!

Best Cinematography(Best Plot Twist)

Mockingjay(The Hunger Games 03) by Suzanne Collins


This was yet another category I struggled with, normally my brain immediately thinks of a thriller when I think plot twist, however, I didn’t think any of the thrillers I read this year had really stand out twists. I enjoyed them, but the twists were often guessed quite early on. However, there were some events and deaths in Mockingjay that truly blew my mind and while they weren’t the type of plot twists one typically thinks of, they were absolutely amazing(ly heartbreaking) haha.


Best Costume Design(Best Book Cover)

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

the wicked deep

I love everything about this cover, the font, the deep blue colour of the background, the silver lettering, spooky tree and overall witchy vibe. It literally draws me in every single time I see it. I just wish the same could be said about the actual story inside—if you didn’t know, this was one of my most disappointing reads of 2018.



Best Supporting Actress or Actor(Best Male or Female Sidekick)

Myron (Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan)

theft of swordsHonestly, Michael J. Sullivan is the king of creating characters, even characters you just met, you automatically want them to be safe, its weird. Myron was a character I loved right from the beginning. You know how some people call characters cinnamon rolls? Well Myron is the perfect example of a cinnamon roll character. He is the most pure and adorable character you will ever meet and you can fight me on that. He’s got this ridiculously adorable obsession with horses—seriously, at one point they’re going to go into battle and they hear Myron praying so they automatically think he’s praying for them but he’s actually praying for the horses. Honestly, if you read Theft of Swords and don’t love Myron, something is wrong with you!

Best Original Screenplay(Most Unique Plot/World)

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

the historian

Okay so the plot and world here aren’t the most unique book I’ve ever read in general, however the take on vampires in this novel is the most unique. It’s set in the past and based in our own world—mostly in Europe—so that in itself isn’t unique as it draws heavily on history to create the world. What is unique is the way that Kostova handles the Dracula/vampire lore, I was endlessly intrigued by it and the ending was not was I was expecting at all. If you’re into vampire stories and like historical fiction, you should definitely give this one a try.


Best Adapted Screenplay(Best Book to Movie Adaptation)

Gerald’s Game

gerald's gameThis one was another hard category because I only watched a few book to movie adaptations and while I was tempted to put Ready Player One for this category—it’s the only book to movie I watched where I both read the book and watched the movie—I just couldn’t because it wasn’t faithful at all(I enjoyed the movie, its just drastically different than the novel.) I can’t speak to how faithful of an adaptation Gerald’s Game is, I can speak to how well done the movie is. This was one of the movies I watched pretty close to the beginning of the year and I can still remember it. The acting was fantastic and while I was worried that it would be boring as it is mostly set in one room on one bed, there was no need for my worries because they kept it entertaining and exciting. I would highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

Best Animated Feature(Best Graphic Novel)*

I changed this category from the original, it was originally “Best Animated Feature-A book that would work well in animated form”

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

I know you’ve all heard me rave about Nimona over and over this year so I’ll keep this short. This graphic novel blew my mind a little bit, it touched on so many themes and so many important subject matters, it was kind of insane. The first half of the novel is definitely more fun and lighthearted—with some sad/touching moments sprinkled throughout. But the second half of the novel turns darker and more serious with both the events and the themes it tackles. Since it’s a graphic novel, it is short so I would highly recommend it if you have like an hour to spare!

Best Director(Author you discovered for the first time)

Amber Smith

amber smith
I discovered a couple new to me authors in 2018 that all could deserve a spot on my lists. However, Amber Smith stuck out among them because she wrote one of my top books of the year and immediately after I finished it, I ran to look up her other works. While I don’t own any of them yet, I already know that she’s an author that I’ll continue to love.


Best Visual Effects(Best Action)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

the hunger games

I fell head first for this series this year and while a lot of that had to do with the interesting plot, majority of it had to do with the absolutely fantastic action scenes Collins crafted. I was absolutely fascinated by the concept of the Games and all the morbid and interesting trials/challenges she came up with. The action scenes were so well written that I felt like I was watching a movie in my head as I was reading them.



Best Short Film(Best Novella or Short Book)

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

the poet x
I don’t typically read novellas so I definitely had to go the route of short books, and I knew immediately that I had to choose The Poet X. This is a book written in verse about a girl who lives in Harlem who discovers slam poetry as a way to understand herself and the world. I listened to the audiobook for this book—side note, this was my first ever audiobook so that was fun and different. I think I would recommend listening to this one in audiobook form because it’s narrated by Acevedo herself and I think that lends so much to the story. It took me about 10 or 15 minutes to fully get into it but after that, I was hooked.


Best Picture(Best Standalone)

The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith

the way i used to be
This one wasn’t much of a contest, I had a couple I could have put here but this one easily stood out against the others. I read this book in January of 2018 and I still think about it at least once a month. This tells such an important story about sexual assault and how it affects lives. I really appreciated how Smith decided to handle the topic matter and I think it was such a raw and honest look into the way that some people cope with such a tragic event. If you aren’t comfortable with the subject matter then definitely don’t read it, but if you are okay with it then it’s a must read in my opinion.


Best Documentary(Best Historical Fiction & Non-Fiction)

Historical Fiction: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

abraham lincoln vampire hunterI will be the first to admit that this book isn’t going to be for everyone but I had so much fun with this one! I watched the movie a couple years ago and I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I loved it. I had absolutely no idea that this was a book so as soon as i found out, I knew I had to pick it up. There were moments in the story where I literally forgot that this wasn’t a non fiction book. If you were to ask me something about Abraham Lincoln I would have legitimately had a hard time not telling you that by night he was running around with an axe ridding the world of vampires. Honestly, if this is something you think you could get behind, I definitely think it’s worth a read and I will definitely be checking out Grahame-Smith’s other works

Non-Fiction: The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule

the stranger beside meFull disclosure, I only read 2 non fictions in 2018 and I really wasn’t a fan of the other one so this is both a default answer because there’s no other choice, but it’s also a fantastic book. This is another one that definitely won’t be for everyone, it follows the life and crimes of serial killer Ted Bundy. The thing that made this book super unique was that Ann Rule was actually friends with Bundy. But it gets better, she was planning to write a book about the crimes before  they had a suspect and during the writing of her original book, Bundy was discovered as the prime suspect. How crazy is that?! She never hid the fact that she was doing a book on Bundy from him and he even cooperated with her and you get a very interesting point of view from her. I had to put it down a couple times because the descriptions of the murders got to be a bit much(specifically the chi omega murders) It did also get a big bogged down and boring during the trials, mostly because it went on for so long, but I would still recommend it if you like true crime.


That’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to writing some more in the future! I will likely be doing a best books of 2018 and a most disappointing books of 2018 post so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I would love if you told me what your Best Original Screenplay(Most Unique Plot/World) would be in the comments below so I can get some more recommendations!

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