August Wrap Up-Movie Edition

Happy Monday friends! Today is a holiday here so no work, woo! I hope that if you also had today off, that you’ve had a great and relaxing day. And if you didn’t have today off and you had to work, I also still hope you had a fantastic day! Like the title suggests, today I’m going to be doing my August wrap up for the movies—and one tv season—that I watched. I’m starting with this wrap up over the books because I barely watched anything this month but I got a ton of reading done, so I’m starting with the easier post!

Final Space(Season 01)

9 star(movies)

final spaceLet’s get the one tv season out of the way, shall we? I started watching this at a recommendation from one of my friends and I was unsure at first but quickly fell in love with it. The only reason I’m not giving it 10/10 is because I’m really stingy with those and there were a few parts of certain episodes that I felt dragged. Just to give you a brief description, you follow Gary, a prisoner who has a spaceship as his very own jail cell. One day he discovers a planet destroying alien who he decides is his new best friend and sidekick. Together Gary and Mooncake set out on a journey through space and along the way they discover some new friends and an evil overlord that goes by the name of Lord Commander. The humor in this series is really great and I loved all the characters—I did find the Lord Commander a little bit annoying but he’s the bad guy, we’re not supposed to like him anyways. Mooncake is the cutest thing ever and I have genuinely no idea why I always become obsessed with characters in things that aren’t even people. While this series is on the more comedic side it definitely has some sad moments that hit me right in the feels. Overall, if you’re a fan of adult animated shows, then I would put this one on your “to watch” list.

The Equalizer

6 star(movies)

the equalizerI don’t really have a whole lot to say about this movie. It was fun and entertaining, although a little bit long in my opinion—it’s run time is 2hr12min and I think it would have been better around 1hr45min mark. A man believes that he has put his mysterious and dangerous past behind him until he befriends Teri, a prostitute under the control of Russian gangsters. After an attack on Teri one night, he decides that he has to help her and won’t stop until she’s safe. The action was good in it and the acting was fine—although Chloe Grace Moretz as a prostitute wasn’t a great casting, in my opinion—but this movie just falls into the mediocre category for me. There is a sequel that just came out and I most likely won’t be watching it unless it goes on Netflix and I’m very bored one day.

Ready Player One

8 star(movies)

ready player one.jpgI want to start this out by saying that when I watched this movie, I was only about 40 pages into the book so keep that in mind. The OASIS is an interactive virtual reality where you can be whoever you want, you can travel to different worlds and you can even do your schooling in the OASIS. When the creator, James Halliday, dies, he creates a hunt to find his Easter Egg, whichever user finds it first gains control over the OASIS, it’s company and Halliday’s entire fortune. Just how far are people willing to go, both in the OASIS and the real world, to get to the Egg first? This movie was so much fun! I pretty much loved every bit of it..there were some cheesy parts but overall I think it was a great film. The pacing was great, I thought the world and the way they showed the OASIS was really interesting. However, I have since read the book and I will say that as a book to movie adaptation, it’s awful. It leaves out so many details from the book and changed so much of it. After reading it, I really wish that they had kept Ogden Morrow as a bigger part of the movie, in the book he plays a very critical part in the story and they completely took that out in the movie. That being said, I would still recommend the movie, I would just caution you to go into it thinking of the book and movie as two completely separate things. I’m kind of glad I watched the movie before I finished the book, and I never say that!

That’s it! That’s everything I watched in the month of August, I told you it wasn’t much! I will be posting my reading wrap up later on in the week so keep your eyes out for that.

I would love if you guys let me know what your favourite tv show is down in the comments below! Even though my “to watch” list is ten miles long, I’m always down for more recommendations!

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