Tag Tuesday- The Goodreads Book Tag

So, I don’t know about you but I love updating my Goodreads. I don’t use it as much as a social platform—to be honest I don’t love how the whole main feed is set up, too much is going on—but I do love to use it to updating my reading, keep track of books I own and keep track of the hundreds of books that I think look interesting. Since I love GR so much, I thought to myself, why not do a tag about it? So here I am. Also shameless plug, CLICK HERE to follow my reading updates and be my friend on there!


What was the last book that you marked as read?

The Diviners(The Diviners 01) by Libba Bray

the diviners-libba bray
I talked about this in my last post a bit so I won’t say much about it but I read this as a buddy read with my friend Delaney(@cyborgcinderella) on IG and I loved it so much. Full review will come at some point soon, I just need to gather my thoughts and not be so lazy and actually type it up.



What are you currently reading?

The Book of Life(All Souls 03) by Deborah Harkness) AND The Step Spinsters by Madina Papadopoulos

the book of life- deborah harkness

the step spinsters

I have been trying to get through The Book of Life for what feels like ever. It’s not that I’m not enjoying the story, I am, I’m just struggling to pick it up for some reason.

I just recently started The Step-Spinsters and I’m enjoying it so far for the most part. Full review will come when I’ve completed the book.

What was the last book that you marked as TBR?

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert

little & lion by brandy colbert.jpgThis book was an automatic add after I heard Emma(emmmabooks) rave about it during one of her past reading vlogs and a wrap-up that I just recently watched. I feel like we have quite similar reading tastes for a lot of things and the premise sounded interesting so I knew I wanted to read it at some point! It deals with mental health, which is always something I’m interested in reading, plus it deals with a bisexual main character who I believe is also a person of colour. It also has a stunning cover.In Little & Lion we follow Suzette as she comes back from boarding school, she’s not sure she’s ever going to want to go back because L.A is where her whole life is. Not to mention, her step-brother Lionel was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he needs her support. As Suzette is trying to settle back into her old life, she finds herself falling for the girl her brother is in love with. Then Lionel’s disorder starts getting worse and Suzette is forced to confront her past and her mistakes, in order to help her brother.

What book do you plan on reading next?

Catching Fire(Hunger Games 02) by Suzanne Collins

catching fire

After I finish the two books that I’m currently reading, I really hope to pick up Catching Fire. I read The Hunger Games back in January and I really enjoyed it so I’m excited to pick up book two and see where the story goes—I know, it’s hard to believe but I haven’t even seen the movies so I have no idea how this story ends or what happens! Plus I’ve had a few people tell me that CF is their favourite in the trilogy so that makes me even more excited!


Do you use the star rating system?

I do! I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a set way that I rate books because I find it really tough to have only one way to rate them. I don’t know if that makes sense but let me try to explain. I tend to tailor/tweak my star rating scale depending on the type of book I’m reading because I feel it’s kind of unfair to judge everything on the same scale. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to rate a fluffy contemporary book like Anna and the French Kiss on the same scale as an adult book like Game of Thrones because they are two vastly different types of books that in my opinion, cannot be rated the same way. I also don’t rate my books strictly on the writing/characters/plot, I factor in my overall enjoyment of the book as well and then I would delve deeper into specific details in a review. I hope that made sense and just keep in mind, everyone has their own way of rating and reviewing books so what works for me may not be specific enough or work for someone else!

Are you doing a 2018 reading challenge?

I sure am! I always set a goal for myself, normally it’s just a random number that pops into my head. I don’t put too much pressure on myself to try to get to that goal but I always like something to shoot for because it feels so good when you hit the goal! My goal for this year is 52 books and I’m currently sitting at 23 books read, so I’m right on track!

Do you have a wishlist?

Honestly, not really. I’ll make on up around my birthday/Christmas to try to make things easier on everyone that’s buying me gifts but I don’t really have one year long. I have a shelf on GR of books in series that I need in order to complete the series, but that’s about as close to an actual wishlist as I get

What book do you plan to buy next?

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware or Legendary by Stephanie Garber

the death of mrs westaway

I’m trying not to buy books right now—and failing—but to be honest these two are most likely going to be my next planned buys. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to walk into a used bookstore or walk past the book section in Wal Mart and pick up a completely different book because, well, I’m known to do that.

Do you have any favourite quotes? Share a few.

Honestly, I love quotes and all but I’m not someone that can just think of quotes off the top of my head. I can spend hours reading/looking up quotes but I’m not so good at actually picking favourites. I do always feature quotes on my Instagram captions so if you want to see some that I like, you can always head over there! @ericasbookshelves

Have you joined any groups?

I’m part of the Top Five Wednesday group because that’s where they post the topics for the month.  I’m also part of a group for a readalong that my IG friend was hosting..even though I didn’t end up participating and it’s not still happening so no one posts in it.. I guess I can leave that group now, eh? haha

That’s it for this book tag! This was fun. I’d love if you told me what book you most recently added to your “want to read” shelf/your TBR!

Adobe Spark (2j)


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