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Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m back for another tag Tuesday and I’m super excited about todays tag. If you don’t know this about me, I LOVE Friends so much, I’ve watched the series so many times I’ve lost count, that show will literally never get old to me. So why not combine one of my favourite shows with one of my favourite things in life—books, duh—and do a book tag inspired by episodes from Friends! I found the originally creators for this tag but it looks like neither of them are still running a blog so I can’t link them!


The one where Eddie won’t go away-A character you wish would just go away


Mare from the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard

red queen-victoria aveyardThis is a weird one to say because without Mare the entire series wouldn’t really exist so this is a bit awkward. I actually really liked Mare in the first book(Red Queen) and I liked the book in general. I thought she showed potential to grow into a really strong and well rounded character and the book itself showed promise to turn into a very interesting series. Instead, what she turned into was an incredibly whiny character with little to no backbone who has very little personality and can’t make a decision to save her life. Combine that with a series that continues to get worse with each book and you get a lot of eye rolling and annoyance from me. Was that too harsh? Oops.

The one where Ross and Rachel were on a break-Most painful breakup

we were on a break

June and Day from the Legend series by Marie Lu

legend-marie lu

I had a hard time with this one because I feel like I don’t remember that many breakups happening in I don’t remember ever being devastated by one. I’m choosing this one because I remember reading it and just sitting there being like “what? why? someone explain the reasoning behind this” I wasn’t particularly upset by it but I remember being thrown off and just saying “you guys are stupid” out loud to the characters as if they could hear me


The one with all the kissing-Your favourite kiss scene or a book with a lot of kissing

ross and rachel kissing

Nik and Hanna from Gemina(The Illuminae Files 02) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman


This is another one that was hard because apparently I just don’t remember kiss scenes very well in books for some reason. Is this something you guys notice and keep tabs on? Am I the weird one here because I can’t remember most of them/they all just fade away as soon as I stop reading the book? I wouldn’t say this is my favourite kiss scene but I did really like it so I’m going to go with it.



The last one-Your favourite ‘end of the series’ book

the last one

Gone(Wake 03) by Lisa McMann

gone-lisa mcmann

I’m going to be 100% honest here and say that I don’t really remember details of this book or the series in general. However, I do remember loving this series as I read it and I distinctly remember being satisfied with how it ended. I do want to do a reread of this series at some point because the premise still seems interesting to me and I’m curious to see if I will still like it as much as I did when I was younger.


The one with the blackout-A moment in a book you wish you could forget or never happened at all

the one with the black out

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix(HP 05) by J.K. Rowling

harry potter&the order of the phoenix

I’m not going to go into any detail here just incase someone who hasn’t read the series/watched the movies somehow stumbles on this post—I definitely don’t want to be the person to spoil anything for anyone. If you’ve read this book I’m pretty confident that you know what I wish I could forget/change. It broke my heart and I’m still not okay from it.



The one where Chandler can’t cry-A book that didn’t affect you emotionally like it did other readers

chandler can't cry

This is awkward but I’ve got literally nothing for this one, my brain is one giant question mark when trying to come up with an answer *shrugs*

The one where Joey doesn’t share food-A book you won’t share

*This is not a real episode or title*

joey doesn't share food

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin leatherbound collectors editions

game of thrones leather boundBeing completely honest with you, I generally don’t lend my books, or tv seasons, out to people—my cousin is the only person I will regularly loan books to, we have a system and it’s great. I’m legitimately one of those annoying people who accompanies the book/tv season that someone wants to borrow with a stern text reminding them that if it comes back damaged in any way, I expect it to be replaced. I know that some people really don’t agree with people who say that but I spend my hard earned money on these things and I like them to be in really good condition, I feel like I have every right to ask for a replacement copy if they damage it—it isn’t their property, so they should make sure to take care of it while they’ve borrowed it. Anyways, back to the question, even though I don’t regularly loan things out I do have some things that I WILL NOT loan out no matter how much someone may want to borrow it. One of them being the SoIaF series in the gorgeous leather bound editions, they’re expensive and realistically I’ll probably never even read the books from these editions. Bonus thing I won’t lend out: any of my signed copies of books, especially if they were personalized or from an event where I met the author—those books are priceless and in my opinion not replaceable. (this was a long answer, I’m sorry!)

The one with the thumb-A book you would give two thumbs up to

the one with the thumb

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gone girl-gillian flynn

I’m trying not to be repetitive so I’m picking a book that I don’t think I’ve talked about on my blog so far. Really, this answer could be any of Gillian Flynn books but I’ll choose Gone Girl because, well, why not? I loved Gone Girl so much, it had a plot that kept me engaged, interested and, quite frankly, completely hooked. I love the way that Flynn writes and SHE JUST NEEDS TO WRITE ANOTHER BOOK ALREADY!! Sorry for that little outburst there, can you tell I feel passionately about her books?


The one with the ick factor-A book pet peeve or a book that has a pet peeve

the one with the ick factor

Obsidio(The Illuminae Files 03) by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

obsidio-amie kaufman and jay kristoffThis isn’t a huge pet peeve, or even remotely close to a deal breaker for me, there’s probably other things that bother me more but this is my most recent read so it’s fresh in my head. I can’t stand when things are repeated over and over and over. It drives me nuts because I’m not stupid, I can remember these things from 30 pages back, I really don’t need to be reminded. I’m going to use Obsidio as an example for this and this is completely spoiler free but they repeated some really small details multiple times for literally no reason. They talked about how Asha had “light brown skin” pretty much every time they switched to a part of the story with her in it for the entire first 1/4 of the book. Also I swear, every time that Hanna walked into a room she was braiding her hair, like why can’t she just walk into the room without having to do something with her hands? They also described the jumpsuit she was wearing so many times and they made sure we knew that “she was back in her jumpsuit that had Kali’s name on the front” like yes, I know what it looks like, she also wore it throughout Gemina. This sounds like I’m hating on this book but I’m not, I did enjoy it, these things just bothered me.

The one with the lesbian wedding-A favourite book with a LGBTQ+ couple in it

wedding friends

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

carry on-rainbow rowell

I loved this book so much. Yes, it is pretty much a rip off of Harry Potter but that didn’t bother me one bit. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the fanfiction sections that were scattered throughout Fangirl, so I was a little nervous going into Carry On because that is what the entire book is. I ended up really loving it though and I completely love Simon and Baz together, they were fantastic



Wow, I went on a couple little rants there, I guess I was feeling a little bit salty about things haha.

Let me know in the comments below, what are some of your favourite books featuring LGBTQ+ characters? I’m always down to get recommendations featuring diverse characters and themes!

3 thoughts on “Book Tag-The Friends Book Tag

  1. When I read your answer about the kissing scene, I was like, oh, sure, I know a lot of memorable kissing scenes…until I couldn’t think of a single one. Literally, I can barely remember ANY. And my only saving grace is I can sort of remember one in the book I just finished. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s just not something I remember either. Wonderful answers, and this was a fun post to read! 🙂


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